Q: how many miles do I have to drive my car to reset the engine cycle? on 2001 Pontiac Grand Am

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I recieved a rejection sticker and had my car fixed, drove it 105 miles,had it reinspected and two things came up not ready. I then drove it anouther 25 miles totaling 130 miles after repair, had them inspect it again, and now three things came up not ready.What should I do?
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Its not how many mile you drive but the sequence u drive. for instance...some cars want you to drive @ 40 mph for ten minutes then kick it up to 55 for 5 minutes...then shut off for at least 5 minutes then start again for x amount of minutes. Each car is different. Do a Google search for your car. Also if u got 3 or 4 different codes now then u need to just stop ....take a deep breath....if u are going to do it yourself....then i cant recommend a better site than or I never have done emissions before until now. i was able to clear 4 different codes and replace the right parts the first time i went through the instructions on that site... make sure u book mark will save u alot of $$$ and the tests are easy
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