Q: how many hours to change one head gasket?pa on 1993 Ford E-350

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Passenger side head
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For whom? you? a technician? or some shadetree mechanic? If you already have the new/rebuilt head, it should take a seasoned technician ten hours unless there are other issues.
I don't have acess to flat rate here but i am sure someone does, wait a little while for an answer.
The reason i ask about the eng. is for other techs.who may have that info.
I will say this, a long time! Prob. 14 hrs. Ac,&ps i am sure. Emission equip.air pump w/tubes.
Bolts in exhaust rusted,, air tube(if equiped) rusted and prob. will break. Changed my mind i would do this job by the clock only
forget the flat rate may take a week, in a van!