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How long should it take to replace my car if I have the P0011 number popping up?

(2005 Volkswagen Jetta)
in Menlo Park, CA on December 12, 2011
I recently purchased this car (~6 months ago) and the day I drove it off the lot I had the check engine light on, at first it read P0011 and P0016, I took it back to be repaired (under warranty) they kept my car for roughly 5 days to fix the issue, I take it off the lot again and the same day the check engine light comes back on, I take it back in about a week later then they keep my car for about a week to fix my Camshaft Censor, and as I predicted the light came back on, now I kept it for about a few months because we were getting busy at work (I deliver Pizzas) about 4 weeks ago I take it back to now repair the P0011 (Camshaft) which they were supposed to fix the past months, and they kept my car for 3 weeks! As anticipated, I drive it off the lot and my light comes back on, now my car is at the shop, I brought it in last week Monday, here it is the next Monday and I still don't have my car... What is up here? I get no contact from the service manager and I don't think it should take this long to fix my car!
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on December 12, 2011
It's clear the car lot does not have the ability to fix the problem. European cars are a different breed. You need to find a Volkswagen specific tech. Once you have the prolem fixed than I would go back to the car lot and demand at least that they pay half or all for the repair. Here is more info concerning those codes.
Customer Concern: Fault codes P0016 (16400) and P0011 (16395) are stored in the fault memory. There is a rattle noise from the front of the engine.
Tests/Procedures: P0011/16395 - "A" Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance, Bank1
P0016/16400 - Crankshaft Position/Camshaft Position Correlation, Bank1 SensorA

1. Check and verify proper timing belt alignment.

2. Check for movement of the camshaft sprocket. The camshaft sprocket is the adjuster for the variable valve timing. There should be no movement or free play in the adjuster.

3. Check the internal resistance of the Camshaft Adjustment Valve 1 N205. Specification is 5-8 ohms at approximately 20 degrees C.

A. Check to make sure the solenoid is not shorted to its body.

4. Verify power supply to the N205 solenoid. Pin 1 Yellow (GE) should have B+ with the key in the ON position.

5. Check the ground activation wire to the N205 solenoid. The ground is controlled by the Engine Control Module (ECM). Verify the wire integrity between the solenoid and pin T121/15 Green/Yellow (GN/GE) at the ECM.
on December 12, 2011
A code P0011 refers to the VVT (variable valve timing) or VCT (variable camshaft timing) components and the car's PCM (powertrain control module, also called an ECM). That consists of a few different components but the P0011 DTC specifically refers to the camshaft (cam) timing. In this case, if the cam timing is above a set limit (over-advanced), the engine light will be illluminated and the code will be set. The "A" camshaft is either the intake, left, or front camshaft.

Potential Symptoms

Most likely a P0011 DTC will result in one of the following: hard starting, poor idle, and/or stalling. There are potentially other symptoms as well. Of course, when trouble codes are set, the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp, a.k.a. the check engine light) illuminates.


A P0011 DTC trouble code may be caused by one or more of the following:

Incorrect camshaft timing
Wiring problems (harness/wiring) in intake timing control valve control solenoid system
Continuous oil flow to VCT piston chamber
Failed timing valve control solenoid (stuck open)
Possible Solutions

This DTC code is a result of a mechanical fault of the VCT unit or related components, so there is no need for electrical diagnosis. Refer to vehicle specific repair manual to perform component tests for the VCT unit. Notes: Dealer techs have advanced tools and the ability to follow detailed troubleshooting steps, including the ability to test components using a scan tool.
on June 15, 2014
hello, yes it takes a lot of time and research to come to grips with this fault as we are experiencing exactly the same problem on a 2010 Toyota corolla 1.4i in our workshop. you have to have bag loads of patience and money to sort this fault especially if some other inexperienced technician has been working on the car. no help from our side yet as we set timing to spec,replaced ocv, vvti-gear and ecm, and the mil still comes on when you drive it for a few minutes with the same dtc p0011 coming up. its so frustrating.
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