Q: How long should it take to replace my car if I have the P0011 number popping up? on 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

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I recently purchased this car (~6 months ago) and the day I drove it off the lot I had the check engine light on, at first it read P0011 and P0016, I took it back to be repaired (under warranty) they kept my car for roughly 5 days to fix the issue, I take it off the lot again and the same day the check engine light comes back on, I take it back in about a week later then they keep my car for about a week to fix my Camshaft Censor, and as I predicted the light came back on, now I kept it for about a few months because we were getting busy at work (I deliver Pizzas) about 4 weeks ago I take it back to now repair the P0011 (Camshaft) which they were supposed to fix the past months, and they kept my car for 3 weeks! As anticipated, I drive it off the lot and my light comes back on, now my car is at the shop, I brought it in last week Monday, here it is the next Monday and I still don't have my car... What is up here? I get no contact from the service manager and I don't think it should take this long to fix my car!
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i saw your post and first reccomend going to another shop as this one cannot repair it with any accuracy.

vvt codes are mostly due to oil sludge in the motor from lack of oil changes. getting the sludge out is most difficult. you need this verified by a good shop and they can lead you to the correct conclusion.