Q: How long is the right front suspension supposed to last? on 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLS500

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After how many miles am I supposed to change the Right Front Airmatic Shock Assembly and the Right Front Suspension Shock Assembly. My car currently has 57000 miles. I just did on 5-20-11 a Full Service A and a transmission service. I was not made aware of any suspension problem at the time. I took my car to Tire Kingdon to replace 2 rear tires and the car is not driveable now. The right front suspension is broken. I drove it in but I am not able to drive it out.
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Very common problem that Airmatic shocks leak or break after beeing lifted. It would have broken very soon anyway. Replacment parts are available from "". I hope I could help.
If they lowered the suspension before they lifted it ... then no, it would not be there fault. It has happend in my shop before too!
i have a 2002 s500 with 74800. if the front airmatics go out - you must stop the car. It will eat up the tires and body when the car falls on them.
they will leak. MB sealed them with epoxy. Arnott industries in Cape Canaveral re-engineered them and seal them with o-rings, duh.
They sell the replacements for 30% of the MB price. They typically fail from 70-90k

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