Q: How Long can I drive my car with a leak from what appears to be the front main seal on 1996 Toyota Camry

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I recently took my car into a mechanic to investigate a burning oil smell. We discovered that there weas definitely a leak from the oil pan so the oil pan gasquet was replaced. He said if that didn't do the trick then we would need to next look at the front main seal which is on the driver's side of the car. I am now on a long road trip and need to know what kind of damage could be done by my continuing on my trip (another 1k miles)with what appears to be a leak in the same area. I am assuming it is the main seal leak. Everything else about the car is in great working order. It has about 147k miles on it.l
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You may want to check the oil pump seal. I had a bad leak also and the thought it was the main seal but after taking off the timing belt cover it was discovered it was the oil pump seal. Hope this helps
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