Q: How is my clutch related to my power steering? on 2002 Mini Cooper

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I thought my power steering pump was failing because it is getting very hard to steer. I had more of thecorrect fluid put in but that didn't help. Now my clutch is getting hard to push in and when I release the clucth the steering loosens up. What could this be?
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The clutch and the power steering have nothing to do with one another, so it's probably just a coincidence.

The power steering pumps on Minis are electric, and they are a common problem. You will likely need a new one.

For the clutch problem, I'd visit a shop for a diagnosis. Could be a number of issues.
on the 2002 minis the electric steering is hydraulic assisted. The clutch as well as the brakes have some kind of hydraulics in them .You fill them in the same reservoir. Thats why i thought this problem might be related
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