Q: how hard is it to install a head gasket on 1993 land cruiser. on 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser

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are there any free step by step instructions online to install a head gasket on a 1993 toyota land cruiser. lots of steam out of tail pipe, oil looks like choc. milk shake.keep adding antifreeze but ends up after driving in the oil.its been doing this for six months ,but now its much worse .i have read the reviews from blue devil and dont want to try it. i replaced a head gasket on my strait 6cyl truck .years ago. think i want to try the land cruiser, thanks for any helpful imfo.
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Check youtube, if you did a straight six before, they are all about the same, except for the DOHC!! Have the head magged if cast or pressure tested if alum! I cant remember, been awhile. Dont forget the straight edge!!!! You understand what i have posted? IF not you may need to get some hands-on help.