Q: how do you use a ball joint press on 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

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I can't figure out how to properly use the ball joint press to press the whatever you call it through that hole enough to put that ring on.
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sorry to say but you may hurt yourself if you can't figure out how to use the tools. seek help as DR's are more expensive than mech.
I agree with greg, also this is a very important part of the suspension and needs to be installed correctly.
And without damage! Front end shop will still be the best place to go as front end alignment is a must anytime front suspension parts are changed. Cheaper in the long run.
I wasn't actually doing it myself but I will take your advise and take it to a front end shop for an inspection and alignment as it is already done. Thanks for your help and concern.
Safety is #1 here! Repair advice after that. Good idea taking it to the alignment shop just to be sure.
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