Q: How do you turn on the thing that puts out cigarettes? on 1990 Toyota Corolla

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My toyota corolla 1990 has that little hole that you can use to plug in chargers and put out cigarettes (no i dont smoke). How do you turn that on? Please help!
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LOL!!! Sorry but that is a great post,, cool! That is know as the cigarette lighter/socket. It is supposed to work when the key is in the on or run position but not with the key off on this car! You most likely have a blown fuse or that socket that you plug stuff into is defective,,,IF your device works in other vehicles that is! You really couldn't have described the trouble in any better way!!!
Haha thanks for the great answer and yeah thats as best as i could describe it lol but when i turn it on it still doesnt work so its probably useless. Thanks though!
Whatever but the fix is posted there, try it!!!! Fuse or replace the socket or NOT! WHAT....EVER