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Q: how do you replace the windshield washer motor/pump in a 2006 sonata? no find it on 2006 Hyundai Sonata

can't even find where it is to replace it.
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are you having problems with the fluid being relaeased, or the fluid does not make it to the windshield at all? most pumps/motors are in the same location as the bottle, make sure there is fluid in it, also sometimes the rubber lines may dislocate,from the bottle, jets/eyelets may be clogged, or the small rubber hoses have come apart from the main line that the windsheild washer fluid flows through. check fuses also, and all electrical connections.
the pump/motor is shot I need to know where it is and how to replace it. I cannnot find the motor/pump ps the resevour is under a part of the frame with only the long neck showing I cannot even see the rest of the bottle
I cannot see how to fix this problem
behind front fender liner, bottle should be behind bumper follow neck area down , if under 60,000 miles it may be under warranty. corrosion, and other dirt and debri can get into area and stop the pump, or corrosion build up will stop it from working. you may want to visit a repair shop.
+1 - turn your wheels all the way to the left, then take out two plastic screw things holding the fender well shield. The motor is right there, on the side of the wiper fluid well all the way at the bottom. I took mine out (have a bowl to catch any fluid) and I could see that the screen on the pump was gummed up. I washed it out, but it still wouldn't run. (Measure ohms across the connect and if it's 0 ohms, it's likely the pump is good but stuck. If it's infinite, it's likely the motor is burned out.) I used alligator clips to connect the pump directly to the battery. I got sparks on the battery and felt the pump jolt a little. I reversed the clips (to run the motor the other way) and felt it jolt a little more. I did this 4 or 5 times and it unjammed the motor and it started spinning freely. Installed it back into the well and bam, it works again. Good luck with yours.
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