Q: how do you replace the timing belt. on 2004 Dodge Stratus

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caNt get the harmonic balancer off
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You need a special tool to remove the Harmonic Balancer. It is pressed on. Disconnect negative battery cable.
Raise vehicle on hoist. Remove right front wheel.
Remove belt splash shield.
Remove accessory drive belts. Remove crankshaft damper. Remove AC/Generator belt tensioner.
Disconnect generator connections. Remove generator and bracket. Remove upper and lower timing belt covers. Remove coolant recovery container. Remove right engine mount. Remove engine support bracket.
CAUTION: When aligning crankshaft and camshaft timing marks always rotate engine from crankshaft. Camshaft should not be rotated after timing belt is removed. Damage to valve components may occur. Always align timing marks before removing timing belt. Before the removal of the timing belt, rotate crankshaft until the TDC mark on oil pump housing aligns with the TDC mark on crankshaft sprocket (trailing edge of sprocket tooth)(Crankshaft and Camshaft Timing).

NOTE: The crankshaft sprocket TDC mark is located on the trailing edge of the sprocket tooth. Failure to align trailing edge of sprocket tooth to TDC mark on oil pump housing will cause the camshaft timing marks to be misaligned.

Loosen timing belt tensioner lock bolt (Timing Belt Tensioner).
Insert a 6 mm Allen wrench into the hexagon opening located on the top plate of the belt tensioner pulley (Timing Belt Tensioner). Rotate the top plate CLOCKWISE until there is enough slack in timing belt to allow for removal.
Remove timing belt.
CAUTION: If timing belt was damaged due to incorrect tracking (alignment), the belt tensioner pulley and bracket must be replaced as an assembly.
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