Q: how do you replace the driver side turn signal bulb on my cadillac srx? on 2006 Cadillac SRX

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can I do the job or do I need technician and special tools
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if you look at the cover that is over the front wheel that the light is off on you will see some push pins, remove those pushpins and the cover, then you will see the back of the light. it has six square allen heads screws in the back of the cover, remove those screws, the back will come off, then you can change the light that's out. take your time taking the pushpins out, you need them to put the cover back. this a very easy job, just take your time. if you do mess the pushpins up, you can get some more at parts store in the help section. you can do it, you will save a lot of money for a five dollar bulb.