Q: How do you remove the radio from a 1991 Honda Accord LX? on 1991 Honda Accord

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I removed the ash tray and plate below the radio but there are no screws visible to remove the radio. There are 2 screws going vertically up into the radio but they are so far in back they cannot be reached. The clearance space is only 2 inches by 5 inches deep. I got a print-out from the dealer and it shows that the front instrument panel must be removed. This is not so. Maybe this is another version of the Accord.
(2) Answers
Have you removed the trim panel from around the front of the radio? These are usually held in place with snap clips, you need to pry carefully around the edges until it pops off. 4 screws should be easily visible and removable now. The radio will slide straight out once you remove these 4 screws. At this point you can unplug the connectors and antenna from the rear of the radio.