Q: How do you remove the distributor? on 1994 Geo Prizm

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How do you remove the distributor? I have oil leaking into the distributor cap and I need to change the O-ring in the distributor.
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Mark the base of the distributor where it attaches to the cylinder head with "white out" or nail polish as an index. Remove the distributor cap (secured by 8mm nut). Mark the ignition rotor again just for reference on reassembly. The distributor is held in by 2 or 3 12mm bolts remove the bolts pop out he distributor, replace the seal and lubricate the seal with a few drops of engine oil. The distributor has what is called a dog drive and luckily only goes in one way. Seat the distributor in fully and secure the bolts and recheck the ignition timing.
typically oil from the engine cannot get into the Distributor Cap. However, the coil is full of oil and is inside the distributor cap. This is a sure sign that the coil will go out soon!
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