how do you power bleed the power steering seystem on 1991 Ford Explorer

put new steering box on it like no power steering wifes suv .

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the steering should get better once you bleed the air out by driving if not you have another oroblem
maybe the pump i will try that next. thanks guys for the help .
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you either have another issue or you need more power steering fluid. The only bleed procedure for power steering is top it off, run it, let it sit, come back, and repeat. Sounds like a bad pump to me or plugged line which is rare.
Turning the steering wheel to the full extent of left and right with adequate fluid in the pump is the only procedure that I know.
I agree Cam that is the only procedure there is that I know of.
Yes I forgot to add while running turn wheel from lock to lock. Though even with air still in system you should have some power assist. Still think you have another issue.