Q: How do you get the rear piston compressed? on 2007 Mini Cooper S

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I'm replacing the brake pads and can not compress the rear piston. I don't want to take the other side off till I find out what is going on. The fronts weren't a problem. Help!!!
(3) Answers
I have an 04 MCS and all I needed to compress the rear pistons was a 6" C-clamp...and some muscle will do the trick. Obviously make sure your ebrake isn't up or anything of such sorts =)
I just looked at the instructions, and as is common with many rear disc brakes, the caliper piston must be retracted with a special tool. No. 34 1 050.
I not sure if it's the same brake set up but if it's a e-brake built into the caliper, on my Saturn aura 2007 I had to put the c clamp on the bolt on back of caliper and it directly on the caliper and it rotated back into housing as it pushed. I tried it with the brake pad between it and the caliper much like you typically do and it would not budge. Do it without and it will rotate back in worked like a dream for me.