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Q: how do you clean maf sensor on 1999 Mazda B2500

are there different cleaners you can use or 1 specific
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you cannot clean maf sensors. when the carbon gets on the wire, it gets burned onto the wire so well it cannot be taken off with any cleaner.
replacing is the only repair and that is if it is the problem. by unplugging it and a problem goes away does not mean it is bad. it just makes the pcm change its own settings to make the car run.
did you have any codes??

p0102 p1506 p0171 I've replaced the TPS and the IAC valve to when I first changed the maf sensor it ran great for about 2 weeks then it went back to the same problems
p0102 p1506 p0171 I replaced the TPS and IAC valve to Both of those codes came up at the start of my problem at full throttle my rpm would rev up and rev down until it would die when I replaced the maf sensor it ran great for about 2 weeks then it started this new problem of cutting out for a few seconds then run fine then every once in awhile it would cut out and run like on 2 cyl as soon as I unplugged the maf Icould take right off with full power
the 1711, 102 codes. did you check the hose from the mass air flow to the throttle body for any leaks?? those 2 codes make sense with a crack in that hose. the lean code and and metered air make sense with your symptoms.

If you replace the MAF with the correct one, it probably is not your concern. The codes you gave are for lean mixtures. Here is the shop manual procdures:
Key on, engine running.
With the engine at idle, listen for vacuum leaks.
Inspect the entire intake air system from the mass air flow (MAF) sensor to the intake manifold for damage or leaks such as:
Cracked or punctured intake air tube.
Loose or cracked IAC air tubes.
Loose intake air tube at the air cleaner housing or throttle body.
IAC valve or gasket seal.
Intake manifold assembly or gasket seal.
EGR valve gasket seal.
Vacuum supply connectors and hose.
PCV valve, connectors and hose.
You can clean the Mass Airflow Sensor! A chemical company named CRC sells a cleaner to clean it. Sounds like you already have wasted alot of money on the problem. Unless you have more money than brains take it to a pro to diagnose it properly.
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