Q: How do you change spark plugs in a Ford Expedition? on 2003 Ford Expedition

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How do you change the spark plugs in a Ford Expedition (2003, 5.4L). What steps are necessary to get to plugs and what is the torque necessary to install them?
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Spark plug gap .052" to .056" gap AWSF-22W is the Ford number for the spark plug. Remove the ignition coils over each spark plug to gain access to the plugs. Labor time shows 3 hours to replace the plugs (I haven't done the job myself but have to do it on my brother in laws Expedition soon). Theses plugs on this engine do get "stuck" in the head so use caution and patience removing the spark plugs. Alldata do not give much information regarding removing the spark plugs perhaps Mitchell or some other automotive information system may have more detailed information.
Changing plugs on 07 expedition. Yes I've done it myself. Cold engine, I used crc orange can, rust eliminate. Pull all coil packs. With as little force break loose the plug and work it in and out so you can back it out a few turns, using little to no force. Using the crc penetrating fill up bottom of the well on each plug and let set for 30 minutes.then easily work each plug in and out without using any real torque.if they are still stubborn soak one more time for thirty minutes. It was an all day stressful adventure but never broke a plug.
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