Q: how do you change a throttle body on 2004 Cadillac SRX

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I took my srx to a mechanic that my body shop deals with. He said the codes my car was throwing out required a new throttle body, gasket, and plug, I have just noticed a loss of power, and a engine dummy light that started today. When I picked up the car, I had normal power to the engine, but the light was still on.
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dont suggest you try this yourself. did they do a real diag>> a code pull tells you the area of failure, not the parts required. i believe you have a fly by wire that reqires throttle body replacement and re programming. check with a shop that is familiar with this repair and can re flash the system

From the code they got when they ran a diagnostic check on my car, they then were refered to a G.M technical service bulletin for the condtitons that I was experiencing, which recommended the correction for the technician to replace the throttle body assembly, the throttle body seal, and the throttle body harness connector, which is an upgrade from the origional. They also stated that there was probably a recall on this part, but because of the age and the milage, the dealer would not cover it under warranty.
just took my srx in for same issue . they took the throotle body off and put it back on after restting the computor .. charged me $ 257 for thier time with no garuntee it would fix the problem