Q: how do you adjust the clutch on 2005 Kia Spectra5

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My car wont engage into to gear with ease anymore and the clutch is fully compressed is there an adjustment it is hydroulic
(1) Answer
at the top of the clutch pedal itself there is an odd looking black plunger. There is not alot of room under there. I had the same problem you are having and asked everyone to no avail. behind that black plastic is the adjustment nuts. Its a confusing ordeal because it is supposed to be a hydrolic clutch yet it has a clutch cable. Those nuts are connected to the cable that goes thru the firewall. I ended up just taking the pedal right off. It is only held on with three nuts and a cotter key that holds that plastic black plunger. Its mech easier. Two of the nuts are inside of the vehicle and the third is under the hood right on the firewall. I hope this helps you. It is an easy fix.