Q: How do we correct a vibration when car is in gear between 32 and 40 m on 2001 Subaru Outback

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The problem occurs all the time between 32 and 40 mph. Particularly noticeable on freshly paved roads. Just replaced right front axle, fixed heat shield on exhaust and replaced disc pads on front brakes and resurfaced rotors. Tires realigned and balanced. Mechanic thought new axle was defective and put in another one. Same noise/vibration exists. It only occurs when accelerating--doesn't happen in neutral or coasting downhill.

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How about the left front axle? Sounds like an inner axle tripod. (cv-joint) more like a shake instead of a vibe would be the result. Only when accelerating, let off get smooth, push gas pedal again, shake again, sound like your trouble?
It seems more like a noise than a shake or vibe. Steering wheel is steady with no vibe. You are right about only when accelerating. I will pass your idea to my mechanic. Thanks so much.
As greg suggested could be in the rear shaft, have mechanic remove it and test drive!
sounds like wheel bearings to me. as it gets worse you will notice sound increase and vibration increase. jack the ride up and check for play in the tire. will also notice excessive wear to brake pads(black dust on rim). check all tires.
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