Q: how do I tune the enging after I put the new supercharger in. on 2000 Mazda Millenia

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The supercharger went bad on the car so I baught a rebuilt one from the dealer. Now the problem I'm having is finding someone that turn car after putting the part in. What are the spec that I need to go by when tuning the engine apon replacement of the part
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tuning, as in tune up? there is no tune up on a 2.3. you can replace the spark plugs, which mazda says is every 60k. however, if it was my car(we have 2 2.3's) and i was changing the compressor, i would also change out the valve cover gaskets, all hoses(including vacuum lines), water pump, timing belt and all associated pulleys, tensioners, and dont forget the blind cap. with the intake off, which you HAD to remove to get to the compressor, you might want to change the rear motor mount, because you can access it with the intake off. but back to tuneup, if your timing belt is still intact, it should be in time. bolt it all back up, and it should be good to go. beware that if you have to pay someone to do all of this, you will pay far more than the car is worth