Q: how do I test the fuel pump on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 3500

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My van will start in the mornings and run for a few miles, but then cuts off and not start again untill the morning
(3) Answers
remember, you need 3 things to make an engine run. spark, compression and fuel, without any of them, it will not perform. anyway, when it dies yu need to determine what is missing. if it is fuel, then you need a fuel pressure guage to hook up and test for pressure when the problem happens. I suggest a pro to diag it to get the proper fix.

Thermostats sometimes are faulty, to check that remove and heat up a pan of water put thermostat in it and see if it moves either way,if not then its a bad thermostat.Have the radiator checked for corrosion.sedament in bottom,can flush that with a flush kit,most times if people put reg water in a radiator it causes scale and lime to block up core circualtion in the radiator.check oil dipstick make sure no milky appearnce,which would indicate cracked head from overheating.