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Q: How do i tell if my fuel injection are open and will that cause the car not star on 1998 Buick Regal

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Changed the waterpump and battery alternater is fine and starter car cranks like it wants to start but wont turnover please help
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Cranking is the same thing as turning over! You mean it will crank (turn over) but will not start (run)?? Or do you mean it does nothing at all?? Was this problem caused by your work? Or was it there before? Talk to me!!!
It will crank but not run/start had a friend change waterpump and after that nothing wont start or run nothing
He did the belt came off and wrapped around the i think pulley and when this happend he fixed it back now the car wont start i been told my fuel injectors are bad needs to be changed but when he pulled it out only one waz wet and smelled of gas whats the problem my car been downfor a week its not holding a charge to my battery have to try and jump my car but still wont run
Now we may be getting somewhere!! There is a crankshaft sensor behind the crank pulley that is easily damaged, when the belt come off it most likely has done just that! That needs to be checked out first thing. Let me know what you find.
Even if its the front belt that came off could it still be crankshaft senor please help gotta get my car started and running
Read my last reply again, that is all i can tell you! There is only one crankshaft pulley and this sensor is behind it. Get some help because this is not a diy repair!! Maybe search youtube for a video. But don't let just any joe blow work on your car, you tried that! Get some real help.
Ok.thank you i was just told by a mech tht it could be my icm can u pleas let me know if its true i think the mech maybe trying to get over or could it b both help please
No way i can argue with a MECHANIC that can look at and test your no start problem! Funny how you never mentioned a mechanic before! That's where it should have been in the first place! How much money have you saved now by getting a friend to work on your car?
Good luck with it!
Actually alot i didnt pay for parts but the waterpump and f.y.i i listen to your adviced about tha crankshft senser it turn out to be that getting the $30 part tomorrow soo i just want to say thank you hopefully my car starts tomorrow
I hope so too. Dont get me wrong, cant blame you for trying to save a buck but it usually just dont work out.
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