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Q: How do I replenish the fluid fir my differential on 1995 Toyota Celica

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My drain plug to my differential needs to be replaced.not sure where it is I add the fluid
Difficult to access with it hoisted on a vehicle lift, near impossible without! See a repair shop. Also, special refill equipment required.
That's the problem I had my struts replaced on Friday the same day had the alignment and was under my car while it was on the lift.. No leaks or markings were on the drain plug. Drove my car for about 50miles came home and parked in the garage for the remainder of the week &placed white cardboard underneath the car no leaks. Drive 3 miles to the tire shop to investigate a shimmy in the steering & tech tells me my drain plug for my differential in leaking .i can't trust anyone with my car ..there are fresh markings on my drain plug that weren't there with we did the alignment . That's why I was looking for some advice
Nothing further to say!!! None of this makes any sense at all! None of it. Why did you check it for a leak with the cardboard after the FIRST trip?? What was any possible gain for the shop on the second trip?? This is Pitiful~!!
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Sounds like you're a pretty good detective. I don't like being in the same field and hearing stories like that, it hurts us all. Sorry that happened, have it checked to ensure it is not low, clean the drain plug and monitor for leak. Again Sorry that happened to you.
Thx...I'm a woman. My car is nearly 20yrs old but doesn't look it. So they try to take advantage. I do my own maintenance on my car but could not figure out what was causing the shimmy so they agreed to look at it but wouldn't let me come back til after they removed the only takes less than 30 seconds to do what was done. It's sad that I must take extra precautions. That's why I'm such a great detective. Think I should've went to investigator school instead if medical school. Lol
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Well I became a volunteer Fire/Rescue Chief and a certified EMT, And yep a grease monkey. Keep a eye on 'em.
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