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Q: How do I replace the water pump on my 1993 Eurovan? on 1993 Volkswagen EuroVan

Water pump appear to be leaking.( See antifreeze on the ground under water pump side of engine) Also, do I need to remove the timing belt in order to replace the water pump?
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Hope this helps. I assume it's a gas engine.
Service and Repair

Cooling System Components, Engine Side

1 - Toothed belt guard, lower section. Removing: take off vibration damper (if necessary).
2 - Toothed belt guard, upper section.
3 - Camshaft sprocket securing bolt. Observe steel type marking on bolt head:

8.8 = 85 Nm (63 ft lb)
10.9 = 100 Nm (74 ft lb)
Counter-hold with 3036 to loosen and tighten.

4 - Camshaft sprocket. Note position when installing toothed belt.
5 - Woodruff key. Ensure tight fit.
6 - 10 Nm (7 ft lb) .
7 - Toothed belt guard, rear. To remove, take off vibration damper, if necessary.
8 - Oil cooler.
9 - Coolant hose.
10 - To coolant pipe.
11 - 0-ring. Replace if damaged.
12 - 2O Nm (15 ft lb) .
13 - Coolant pump. Check shaft for ease of movement. Replace complete it damaged or leaking.

NOTE : Up to 09.91 with elongated holes: to tension toothed belt loosen slightly and turn with screwdriver.

14 - Tensioner.
15 - Woodruff key with locking tab.
16 - 15 Nm (11 ft lb) .
17 - 20 Nm (15 ft lb) .


Adjusting Valve Timing :

Special Tools, Testers And Auxiliary Items :

Ring spanner 3355
Counter-hold tool 3248 A
Torque wrench VAG 1331 5 to 50 Nm (4 to 40 ft lb)
Torque wrench VAG 1601 150 to 800 Nm (100 to 600 ft lb)
Removing :

Removing sound dampening tray.
Remove V-bell or ribbed belt. See: Drive Belt\Service and Repair
Remove front toothed belt guard -upper part-.

Fit counterhold tool 3419 and loosen vibration damper/crankshaft sprocket.
Remove vibration damper center bolt.
Remove the 4 x M8 crankshaft vibration damper/toothed belt pulley mounting bolts.
Remove vibration damper.
Remove front toothed belt guard -lower part-.
Mark direction of rotation of toothed belt.
Loosen tensioning roller or coolant pump and remove toothed belt.
Installing :

Pistons not positioned at TDC
NOTE : When turning the camshaft the crankshaft must not be at TDC. Danger of damage to valves/piston crown.

Vehicles from 08.95 :

Install tensioning roller -1- so that the tensioning roller tab seats in the toothed belt guard lower section moving pin -arrow A-.
Tighten tensioning roller mounting bolt hand tight.
Continued for all vehicles :

Place toothed belt on crankshaft sprocket, relay roller or tensioning roller and coolant pump (note direction of rotation}.
Vehicles up to 07.95 :

Install lower toothed belt guard and fit mounting bolt M8 for coolant pump. If tensioning roller is installed
Tighten to 20 Nm (15 ft lb) .
Continued for all vehicles :

Torque vibration damper to crankshaft toothed belt sprocket (4 M8 bolts).
V-belt pulley: 20 Nm (15 ft lb)
Ribbed belt pulley: 20 Nm (15 ft lb) + 1/4 turn (90°further)
Install vibration damper central bolt.
Vehicles with long center bolt (110 mm) :

Insert counter-hold tool 3419 and tighten crankshaft vibration damper/crankshaft toothed belt sprocket center bolt.
160 Nm (118 ft lb) plus 180°(1/2 turn additional) the additional 1/2 turn can be completed in several stages.
Vehicles with short central bolt (65 mm) :

Coat threads and bolt head contact surface of central bolt with AMV 188001 02.

Insert counterhold 3419 and secure vibration damper/crankshaft sprocket.
Tightening torque: 460 Nm (340 ft lb) .
Continued for all vehicles :

Set camshaft sprocket to marking TDC Cyl. 1. The marking on the camshaft sprocket must align with the mark on the rear toothed belt guard -arrow-.
Engine installed:

Set flywheel -A- or drive plate -B- to TDC No.1 cylinder.
Engine removed:

Bring mark on vibration damper -C- and mark on lower toothed belt guard into alignment.

Adjustment Conditions :

Engine cold
Vehicles with tensioning roller up to 07.95 :

Loosen nut -1- and check that tensioning roller moves freely, then place toothed belt on camshaft sprocket (note direction of rotation).
Tighten tensioning roller mounting bolt hand tight.
Turn engine approx. 2 turns until just before TDC.
To tension toothed belt, turn crankshaft slowly to TDC position (crankshaft must not jump back) tighten tensioning roller nut.
Tightening torque: 15 Nm (11 ft lb) .
Vehicles with tensioning roller from O8.95 :

Place toothed belt on crankshaft sprocket. For used belts note direction of rotation.
NOTE : For used belts, note or mark the direction of rotation.

Tighten tensioning roller mounting bolt hand tight.

Turn tensioning roller clockwise onto the tensioning roller internal stop using 3355 box wrench . Then turn tensioning roller back until both pointers are aligned -arrow B-.
Tighten tensioning roller mounting bolt
2O Nm (15 ft lb) .
Vehicles without tensioning roller :

Place toothed belt on camshaft sprocket.
Tension toothed belt by turning loosened coolant pump to left and upward.
NOTE : On older engines, VW recommends that sealing surfaces be cleaned and the 0-ring replaced when loosening the coolant pump.

It must just be possible to turn the toothed belt through 90° with the thumb and forefinger in the center between camshaft and intermediate shaft sprockets.

Tighten coolant pump mounting bolts
2O Nm (15 ft lb) .
Continued for all vehicles :

Rotate crankshaft two full turns and check adjustment.
Install upper toothed belt guard.
Check ignition timing and adjust if necessary.
Install ribbed belt. See: Drive Belt\Service and Repair
Install power steering pump V-belt and adjust.
Install generator V-belt and adjust.

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Many thanks for the detailed instructions. Do I have to remove the timing belt to replace the water pump?

Thanks ,
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