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Q: How do I replace the water pump ?? on 1995 Buick Century

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My car began overheating one day coming home from work. The next day I seen coolant on the ground when the engine was running and noticed it was the water pump.
You must removed the articulated belt from all the pulleys by puting a 3/8" breaker bar or ratched wrench on the belt tensioner. There is a square little slot where the end of the wrench that normally receives the socket is placed into the arm of the tensiner. Pull toward you left which s to say back to the firewall, and then the tension on the pulley will be relaxed. With the slack off the belt carefully pull it off of the tensioners wheel and also any other spocket wheel on the system. You most likely will have to unfasten the coolant overfill tank from the left inner fender wall and place it on the top forward of the engine. Now that the belt is off you can gain access to the bolts holding the round water pump to the block. Before this however, and even before removing the belt you may want to loose the bolt holding the belt wheel to the water pump, but don't remove it until you've gotten the articulated belt off. The water pump pulls straight out from the block. You will need a new gasket to install the replacement. Then hook up the sprocket, install the belt, tighten the bolt holding the sprocket wheel to the water pump. Recharge the system with more coolant after putting the belt back on and the overfill tank on the inner fender wall. Most Autozone's can print off a set of instructions as to how to remove and replace the pump. Also they have Haynes manuals that graphically show you how to do this with photographs.
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