Q: How do I replace the oil pump on a 2000 ford explorer xlt 4L SOHC 6cyl on 2000 Ford Explorer

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Problem just started. Oil pressure gauge shows no oil. Checking oil at dipstick shows it's full. Valves began clicking loudly. Do I need new oil pump or could it be something clogged. What's the cost of replacing the oil pump.
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Also be advised that the noise you are hearing could be the cam chain guides that have come apart in the engine, causing debris inside the timing cover, and possible damage to the engine if it is clogging oil passages. This is a common problem on these engines from that year.
could be a lot more than a pump. before you attempt this, have a manual test done first to verify the pump. then drop the pan and see if the pick up screen is clogged.

the pump, gaskets and oil are around 150
labor is about 3 hours

labor allot more then 3 hours. Pump is internal and ladder frame has to be removed for a 4.0 L SOHC engine.
This is a complex job, not an simple remove and install job. I'd suggest to take it to a repair shop. It could be the pump's shaft also.

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