Q: How do I replace the ignition lock cylinder? on 2002 Lexus ES300

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It has become more and more difficult to turn the ignition key to the start position in the 2002 Lexus ES300. I have tried re-positioning the steering wheel as well as lubricating the lock cylider and nothing seems to help. Is there a relatively uncomplicated way to replace the cylinder and what should I expect to pay for a replacement?
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I would go to and subscribe, it is very reasonable. That way you will get instructions with pictures on how to deal with your Lexus. You will also need to reprogram some of the anti-theft codes etc.
Or you can go to a good Lexus savy shop, this job will run about $150 in labor and $350-450 for the lock cylinder and ignition switch and new keys and programming. It is a Lexus, after all, not a Honda Civic.

here are some shops: