Q: How do I replace front heater blower motor. on 2001 Ford E-350

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Can the blower motor be replaced without disconnecting air conditioning line? It looks like the battery box will need to be removed also. Is this true?
(1) Answer
Blower Motor

Remove the battery (10655).
Remove the battery tray.
Remove the screws.
Remove the battery tray.

NOTE: This step must be performed if the vehicle is equipped with an A/C system.

Move the suction accumulator/drier (19C836).
Remove the three screws.
Move the suction accumulator/drier.

Remove the blower motor (19805).
Disconnect the electrical hardshell connector.
Remove the blower motor housing tube (19A786).
Remove four screws.
Remove the retaining clip.
NOTE: To ease removal, align the flat spot on the blower motor mounting plate with the accumulator.

Remove the blower motor.

NOTE: Note the location of the blower motor wheel (18504) on the blower motor .

Remove the blower motor wheel.
Remove the retaining clip.
Remove the blower motor wheel.


To install, reverse the removal procedure.