Q: how do I replace a fuel injector on my f-150 ford pick up on 1998 Ford F-150

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how to replace fuel injector
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Got a misfire and traced it down to an injector?? First have them professionally (pressure) cleaned, and change the filter. I have fixed a 'BUNCH' of them that way! Then pour a bottle of injector cleaner with Techron, by Chevron, in the tank just before fill up. Do this (additive) at each oil change thereafter to prevent further problems. That will fix 95% of them, maybe more!! This way you treat ALL of them! Let us know, either way you go, how it turns out.
relieve fuel pressure from rail. remove bolts holding fuel rail. lift rail enough to pull injectors out of intake. pull injector out of rail. lube O-rings on new injector, slide in to fuel rail. inspect O-rings on other injectors to make sure thy did not stick in fuel rail. lube O-rings, install fuel rail. BE SURE TO CYCLE KEY ON-OFF A COUPLE OF TIMES AND INSPECT TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NO FUEL LEAKS BEFORE STARTING ENGINE.
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