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Q: how do i replace a faulty heater core
on 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

How do I replace the heater core, and should the compressor be replaced as well? Water runs into the cabin of the vehicle, is a symptom of a faulty heater core?
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Clear water or antifreeze? Clear water, ac drain stopped up, have it cleared out, antifreeze have heater core replaced! AC drain most likely suspect. Heater core leak will steam up windshield also! When the engine is at operating temp, is this fluid hot or cold? You should be able to tell by feeling of it as it drips off of the hvac case. IF all else fails', antifreeze taste real sweet. Little tiny bit on the toung will be a good clue and wont hurt you! Even in FL. it should have antifreeze in the system as it has a higher boiling point than water and better for the engine as well!!
You need to verify whether you have antifreeze or water in your cooling system! Take the radiator cap off the radiator and smell the liquid inside your radiator (with the engine off and cold)! Does the liquid inside the radiator smell the same as the liquid from inside the vehicle? If not, then you probably do NOT have a heater core problem! If the water you noticed is clear and does not smell like antifreeze, then the most likely problem is that the condensation drain line is clogged up. That drain line is supposed to let water that condenses on the A/C evaporator core drain to the outside of the vehicle, if you have working A/C. The A/C evaporator core gets really cold, well below the dew point in most situations, so the water actually comes from humidity trapped in the inside air. The chances are rather good, that you do not have a heater core leak, or you would be smelling antifreeze inside the vehicle (assuming you have antifreeze in your cooling system)!

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