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Q: how do I remove the oil pan on my 2000 mercury sable on 2000 Mercury Sable

I am trying to put on an oil pan gasket
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This took me a little over 2 hours without any referances. I was not able to find any procedures online so I thought I would post it. should take about 1 1/2 hours usually. 1. First jack and drain oil as usual. 2. then disconnect battery. negative cable first and then positive cable. you need to disconnect the positive to give cable slack to remove starter. 3. trace positive towards the starter and about a foot down there is a cable stay holding cable against block. remove that nut to free it up. 4. remove starter and position out of the way. 5. disconect all 4 O2 sensors. there are 2 on each manifold, 1 on top front and rear, 1 on bottom of Y pipe front and rear. 6. remove the 2 nuts (14 mm I think) attaching Y pipe to rest of exhaust at rear of oil pan. The one nearest passenger tire is the one with least amount of room for a rachet head. if possible disconnect the intermediate pipe from Y pipe at this time. 7. slightly loosen the 2 manifold to Y pipe nute (14 or 15 mm) on FRONT of engine. do not remove yet, just create a little slack. 8. remove the 2 manifold to Y pipe bolts (13 mm I think) at REAR of engine. there should be a little give due to loosening the front ones. you might need to remove pcv hose for ease. these can be reached from top but it is tight, I was not able to get at from bottom without a lift. 9. now remove front nuts completely (carefully) and drop Y pipe. This needs to be done to give oil pan room to clear the pickup tube and oil pump. 10. remove all 16 oil pan bolts (8mm I think) and the 1 bolt that holds starter shield to transaxle case. 11. there might be factory sealant holding starter shield onto oil pan. remove this and pan should drop easily.
Remove the LH exhaust manifold to pipe nuts.
Raise and support the vehicle.
Remove the front RH wheel.
Remove the RH front inner wheel splash shield.
Remove the screws and the pin-type retainer.

Disconnect the RH Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) electrical connector.
remove the exhaust bracket bolt.
Disconnect the LH HO2S sensor electrical connector.
Remove the RH exhaust manifold to pipe nuts.
Support the exhaust system.
Remove the nuts and the Y-pipe.
Discard the gasket.
Drain the engine oil.
Install a new drain plug gasket and tighten the drain plug to 27 Nm (20 ft. lbs.) .
remove the bolts, nuts and the engine to transaxle bracket.
Remove the torque convertor inspection cover.
Remove the 18 bolts and the oil pan.

this the actual procedure.

remove the oxygen sensor, the motor mounts have to be disconnected, then after releasing all the bolts, wiggle it out. it is very tight.

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