Q: how do i remove front rotors? on 2006 Ford Fusion

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I had romve front brakes, but can not remove the rotors. Can some one help?
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You need to call the guys at
they replaced my rotors for me right in front of my house. Rotors are a pain to remove at time because over time they rust and get stuck in place call these guys you will be surprised how affortable they are.
Good luck they also do oil changes and more.
better yet, you cant get it off because there is a small bolt/screw that holds the rotor to the hub. if you strip this screw (its a #2 philips) just drill it out. its not needed, just holds the rotor in place for easy maintanence.. i did this on my 06 fusion v6 and no problems since.

hope this helped
Where is this screw? On the front of the Rotor? I can't see one. Removed the two torx screws on the front but I'm beating the hell out of this rotor and even tried to screw a hex bolt into the rotor to pop it off but nothing. I've been trying to get this rotor off for three hours. Time for a beer. Can anyone help?

OK - finally took a 10 lb sledge and broke them loose after about 15 minutes. Kept hitting them and turning the rotor then hit them from the back once they broke loose. Just good old perserverance.