Q: how do i release fuel pressure in order for me to replace the fuel filter on 1993 Toyota 4Runner

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how do i release fuel system pressure so i can replace the fuel filter
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start the forerunner< then go to the fuel pump and pull the relay apart< i believe it is a green and white wire. then let it run till it stalls,once it stalls try to turn it over two or three times to bleed the system. then the pressure will be gone.
I,ve changed a lot of fuel filters in some newer models up to 2006 yr. model autos,never had much trouble with fuel pressure,it will leak out and it is a fire hazard ! Use a lot of caution, be sure to loosen the fill cap on the tank first, the system opperates normally on pressure building up by the fuel constantly returning back to the tank while the engine is running! The outside temperature has an effect also!
You can just keep the fuel fill open during removal.
Take off one fuel line at a time to install on the
new filter.
Find the fuel rail on engine, it supplys the injecters with fuel. Find the Schrader valve, looks like a larger tire valve stem. Wrap with shop towel, depress center to release pressure. Best done with a cold engine.