Q: How do I rebuild or replace the automatic transmission valve body? on 1998 Ford Mustang

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1998 mustang is going up to 3000 rpm before it'll shift out of 1st gear.I'm told to replace or rebuild the trans valve body. Can u help with procedure?
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the valve body is extremely complicated for the average person. do not reccomend you attempting this procedure unless you have expierence at this repair. you could cause more damage to the trans.
did you have the trans checked by a shop?? it may not even be the valve body. shifting on todays automatics is controlled by the tps in the motor. that is where i would start before talking about the trans.

Yeah I'm getting different stories on what may be causing the problem. I've set it up to go to a trans guy. Thanx
Very Carefully. If this is your first time, don't do it. Contamination is a transmissions worst enemy and you are not set up to do it properly........ take it from a veteran Ford transmission specialist. Secondly, Why are you replacing the valve body? If it has a problem, something else caused it. Third, where did you get the replacement? How do you know the replacement is any better than the one that you want to remove?
As I stated in previous reply I'm taking to a pro. Problem is it's got 50,000 miles and it's not shifting out of 1st until it hits around 3000 rpm's. Otherwise trans is working fine. Again thanx for the input