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Q: How do I put brake fluid in the white plastic box mounted under the hood or do I on 1996 Honda Accord

I bought the car 4 months ago and I don't have a manual nor knowledge regarding adding of fluids. Everything seemed to be at the proper levels until I recently discovered a white plastic container for brake fluid mounted under the hood on the driver side. (I thought there was only one) I am having concerns regarding an intermittent buzzing noise that started about 10 days ago and has been increasingly worse and I believe it is coming from that area. The ABS has never worked and I am in the process of saving the money to fix it Does it relate to the fact this box I discovered is empty?
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Does this car have a manual (stick shift) transmission? If so, it too has a place for 'brake' fluid to be added! However both of these containers are ROUND and not box shaped!! Run it by a lube shop and ask them to show you what to do. IF the 'brake' master cylinder is low, have the brake pads checked as they may be ready for replacement.
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Call Milt's Service Garage in Vallejo. They can top off fluids with special funnels. Brakes are too important to leave unattended. (707)643-7548
Thanks I was wondering if I could just unscrew the top of the box and pour some in or is there a place to buy the special funnel. I really don't have any extra money to pay anyone and gas to drive anywhere (other than the 5 miles to school and back) This is sad (as I don't want to further damage my car) but true (I just used the last money in my account for this months insurance) That is where and why this forum came into play. It is the only resort I can come up with in this situation I am currently in. I have found out it is the ABS fluid container that is empty (and the system, currently not working, needs to be replaced as do my rotors and pads as they are quite worn on one side). At this point other than the squeaking noise when I make left hand turns the brakes work good and not giving me any problems stopping. Regardless of any of that, this is what I would be very appreciative knowing CAN I somehow get fluid into this white box for FREE? CAN I just take off the lid/top (2 screws)and do it myself? Does anyone have a funnel I can borrow lol? Or.. Is it a BIG No No for some really good legitimate known reason? If this is so then I will not do it. I'm getting desperate. .. damn...heavy sigh....I would be grateful for more suggestions or information please?
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It would be safest to take it to your mechanic. They may need to also bleed the brake system - in addition to topping off the fluid.
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