Q: How do I get this truck fixed, low cost? Good warranty? on 2007 Dodge Ram 1500

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I purchased a 2007 truck (Dodge Ram Big Horn edition.) last July, had 32,000.00 or so miles on it. I had a 36,000 mile/3 year warranty. I did not add the warranty on the loan amount
choosing to buy it at a flat rate
for less from a less expensive source than thedealer. I know the
importance of the warranty and planned to get one. Then, I lost my
job. Right now, I am able to make the payments, but I am a single m
and struggling to survive, let alone buy the warranty.
The serviceman says that they are getting no communication from the key to the WCM. OK. The key, itself, costs 300.00,
approximately...the WCM 385.00. The are saying they don't know
which it is until they get the wireless control module replaced. Is this true? Am i going to end up buying both?? Why can't they test the key otherwise? If they have not tried to reset it, or replace the fuse (IOD), how would I know?!! I have no idea. the service guy telss me he's never seen this happen...yet, or your site, it states that this is a service repair bulletin item and does happen with frequency. I can not trust that I am not getting worked over. Help!
NOw, the sticky part. The wireless control module has apparently gone out (says the service department)
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Is this the dealer who has the specific equipment to properly test this system? It sounds like your are dealing with someone who can not isolate the problem and has to try parts, which is NOT GOOD.

Is there another dealer with in a close amount of miles, because it sounds like you do not have a very sharp tech looking at it. I have worked in dealers a lot and though there is the equipment there not all techs are equal in terms of skill or honesty.
It is dealer....and has been hooked up and checked with their equiptment. Thank you for your response! :)