Q: How do I get my waterpump off? on 1996 Pontiac Firebird

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I'm trying to replace my waterpump but I can't get to this one bolt even after removing the power steering pully. There is this part that blocks my access that is attached the distributer cap. Thoughts?
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You can find a free repair manual here: sign up its free then put in your vehicles info and choose repair guides then choose engine/ engine overhaul

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Drain the cooling system into a suitable container.

3. Remove the air intake duct.

4. Remove the top coil of the ignition coil pack.

5. Loosen the tensioner pulley bolt/screw.

6. Disconnect the heater hose from the water pump.

7. Loosen the water pump pulley bolts/screws.

8. Unfasten the power steering bracket bolts/screws.

9. Remove the serpentine drive belt.

10. Remove the water pump pulley.

11. Remove the power steering pump bracket and swing the bracket and pump aside. Do NOT disconnect the power steering lines from the pump.

12. Unfasten the water pump and engine front cover bolts/screws, then remove the water pump assembly from the vehicle.

13. Remove and discard the gasket and thoroughly clean the gasket mating surfaces.