Q: how do i get my car to start on 1996 Honda Passport

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i was driving on the highway and my oil gauge dropped below zero, and my car locked up and shut off
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First check the engine oil level and top up as required. Has your Honda been consuming oil due to engine wear or engine oil leaks?
Did you ol pressure warning light come on or has it been coming on with the engine running? If the engine was seizing due to lack of lubrication the oil light should have been coming on and the oil pressure would have dropped to zero. The running temperature would have increased and you should have heard engine noises either detonation or engine bearing "rod knock". I would check the oil level top up as required, look for a big leak (or the oil filter or drain plug to be loose).
Try to start the engine if it doesn't turn over remove the spark plugs and then see if the engine will spin when you turn the ignition key to the start position. If the Honda is a manual transmission with the spark plugs out put the car in 4th gear and see if you can push the car ie get the engine to turn physically. If the engine does start and you hear knocking sounds switch it off as the crankshaft may have serious damage requiring complete engine disassemble.