Q: How do I fix? When I turned wipers on the will not turn off. on 1997 Toyota Tacoma

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Had to pull out fuse.
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Other than not turning off , does it have 'intermittent' , 'slow' , and 'high' speeds responding to the switch properly? IF so , I'd stick with ProfG suggestion.
I was thinking it might be the switch could that be the problem? Is your thinking the wiper motor shorts out to constant on, is that the problem?
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My opinion is if the switch is bad it would run all the time, but it was off then you turned it on. Now if you put the fuse back in will it continue to run with the switch off. If you think it might be the switch, test the power on and off at the switch to see if it is not switching off. Then you will have a better idea which way to go. If the stop in the motor is bad then it wouldn't stop either.
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