Q: how do i fix the valve cover gasket on 1992 Lexus SC300

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I have the parts but unsure on how or where it goes
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The tools you will need are standard for most Lexus and Toyota repairs.10mm, 12mm, 14mm sockets 1/4 and 3/8 drive, and some short wrenches of the same sizes.
Remove the Air Induction boot between the air flow meter and intake manifold plenum, (be careful not to rip this boot when removing it, it get brittle and hard over time and is imperative that this boot be intact when you are finished your repair. Detach the throttle position sensor electrical connection and the accelerator cable. remove the upper portion of the intake plenum (replace its gasket), remove the PCV vave check it and its rubber hose. Mark the spark plug wires 1 through 6 and remove them from on top of the plugs.Take this opportunity to replace the spark plugs as all six are accessible with upper intake plenum removed. This isn't a difficult job to do. Take a few pictures with a digital camera before you start disassemble. I like to mark vacuum hose with "White out/ liquid paper' you will get at any office supply or drug store, mark hose with a dot or corresponding letters that will make sense when you are reassembling everything.
You will also need to replace the Throtle body gasket when it is removed. What is the correct torque specifications for the throtle body and the valve cover? Additionally, should all gaskets replaced need to be dry? That is, no additional sealers.