Q: How do I fix the automatic gearbox? on 1999 Land Rover Discovery

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I have a 1999 Land Rover which I just bought. Ran fine until it blew a fuse (which we changed) hasn't been running hardly at all since. I can start it somedays but wouldn't trust it to drive. The check engine light is on when started and right before you start it. Now the Manual mode and Sport mood lights are on so when I went to the manual that came with the car when it was first bought on '99 it tells me that it indicates an electrical fault with the automatic gearbox. Really don't want to go spend a lot of money seeing a repair when it has this many miles trying to do it on my own. Please help!
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I'm having the same problem, except my car went bonkers. It started to accelerate on its on. Now I sometimes can't get the car to start, or when it does, it doesn't always shift. Have you figured out what is wrong with your Land Rover?
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