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Q: How do I fix noisy lifters? on 2005 Ford Expedition

I had bad ignition coils and drove the truck before I could get them replaced. Now I have a severely load tapping noise that sounds like its from the lifters but I'm not sure. What is the best way to fix the problem?
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Just to clarify - you have hydraulic lash adjusters for the cam followers in the cylinder heads - this is an overhead camshaft 3 valve per cylinder engine.

Your noise - difficult to know where it's coming from unless you start really digging into it. I have see the cam followers pop out due to oil grade and pressure issues, I have seen camshaft journal wear on these engines too. Can't say I've experienced the need for too many lash adjusters. However, anything can happen. The valve covers should come off and the valve train inspected.

If you have to replace lash adjusters, it's not a fun job. The camshafts have to come off, which means you have a ton of work to do to make sure everything stays in place (cam chains, etc), as engine damage will otherwise occur.

Start with the inspection and then proceed from there.
Can the truck still be driven before we get into the shop? It's Sunday and no one is open.
We still don't know what is causing the noise - that's the biggest problem. If a cam follower came out, that particular valve is not working, which if you continue to run the engine could cause damage. Typically anything that causes a severe tapping noise is indicating mechanical failure or serious lack of lubrication.

So no - I would avoid driving the truck to avoid further damage.
We changed the oil & filter first. Found gas in the mix when drained which basically cleaned the oil away completely which was the cause of the noise according to the mechanic we took it to the next day. The noise continued until all the internal parts were re-lubricated during the drive to the mechanic. He did some testing and found no apparent damage. So far so good.
The leaking of gas into the oil was caused by the 2 bad internal coils which were an inexpensive and easy repair.
Just as a side note -- be sure that you do not have a leaking fuel injector or two. These engines are known for that as well. Sticking open fuel injectors will cause measurable fuel to get into the oil.

I'm a little sketchy on faulty coils causing enough fuel to dump into the oil to cause the concern you had.

Do this - monitor your oil level and smell. If it starts to elevate or smell of fuel, have the injectors tested for leakage. Just to be safe.
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