Q: How do I find a bolt size? on 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

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I need the right side guide timing bolt. I have triued thedealer but they said it isn't made anymore and the one they gave me doesn't work. Is there a way I can find out the size and order the correct bolt on line? There is not another one on the engine that matches it.
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Try without cross threading or forcing a bolt into the hole screwing a bolt into the hole just to get the correct thread pitch, then use a paper clip or short screw driver as a depth gauge to find the bottom of the hole, measure the depth of the hole, the bolt needed will be slightly shorter (bolts don't go to the bottom of the threads)? Any garage will have a thread gauge to tell the thread pitch the markings on the bolt head will tell a good mechanic whether the bolt is metric or SAE thread.
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