Q: How do I change the oil filter cartridge? on 2004 BMW 325Ci

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I want to change my own oil where is the cartridge and how do I change it
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You need to have a 36mm socket with a long adapter to remove the filter cartridge.
When you can turn it by hand wait a minute until the oil drains back into the oil pan. When you pull out the plastic cap the oil filter will be inside the cap, hold a rag under to catch dripping oil. Pull out the old filter, replace the big O ring - it comes with the filter - place the filter into the housing and pop it in. Install the cartridge back to the oil filter housing, tight it to the specs, I think it's 8Nm. It's important to apply oil into the O ring around the cap!
Do this first and drain the oil from the pan after. Use an OE or Mann oil filter.

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