Q: How do I change the ABS module on my 2009 dodge ram? on 2009 Dodge Ram 1500

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I purchased a new ABS control module for my truck, and am picking it up tomorrow. My question is simple: do i need to program the module? I purchased it from a dealer.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi! where is the ABS Module located. / The pump? and how much is it to have it put on? thank you
You shouldn’t have to program the ABS module (ABM) as it is vehicle specific and comes ready to install. Replacing it isn’t as easy as you may think as it is bolted to the ABS pump (HCU), if you can replace it without disturbing the HCU you will be fine but if you have to remove the HCU, you will have to bleed the ABS system which could require the use of a scanner.
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