Q: how come my van won't charge, after replacing altornater and battery. on 1996 GMC Savana 2500

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My alternator was getting weak, but before i could change it, i went to go to work, and after starting and turning on head lights i saw alternator gage fall. put it back in garage and changed alternator and battery and now refuses to charge. checked all connections and seems to fine. HAD NEW ALTERNATOR TESTED BEFOR INSTALL, DUE TO THE FUN JOB OF WORKING ON A VAN. could it be something from the small wire clip and where do these wires run to and what for. THANKS FOR ANYONES HELP, Sinserly Rich
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Where did you get the replacment alternator? Is the battery new and fully charged? 12 volts @ big wire on back of alt.?
Who tested alt.? What is voltage at the battery with engine running?
Do you have 12V going to the alternator when not running? no=wiring problem; yes=charging problem, maybe you missed a wire or your alternator is BAD!
Going to pull it and get another one and try it. Thanks to all thats helping. This afternoon before tearing everything apart, I reconnected battery and hit the key, and beleive it or not it started charging!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking it had something to do with the computer and with it not having voltage for a good period it started letting it charge. Any answers to that, cause I don't know. THANKS AGAIN