Q: how can you tell you need new valve guide seals on 1999 Saturn SW2

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my cars blows bluish white smoke after warm up, when idling and stop lights, after take off, but no highway smoke.
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Does your car run hot ? are you going through oil? Is your gas milage bad? With out thess questions answered its hard to determine condition. Typically white smoke is coolant, black or greyish is fuel, lots of smoke (typically lighter smoke) is oil. Hope this helps
Yes I am going through oil, 1qt every 500 to 700 miles, gas milage is okay, my coolant level does not go down, but my car does heat a little at long idleing periods, never over half way. tail pipe does have blk sout around it.
was told it was probably vavle guide seals, but how can I be sure?
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